Monday, 4 August 2014

'Kick' collections in India-233 crores

kick is the highest grosser of 2014 yet and the movie crossed 200 crore mark on 4th august,14 from morning shows.The collection of Kick are :-
1st day- 26.40 crores
2nd day- 27.15 crores
3rd day- 30.18 crores
4th day- 14.41 crores
5th day- 28.89 crores
6th day- 21.66 crores
7th day- 15.4 crores
8th day- 9.22 crores
9th day- 10.62 crores
10th day- 14.18 crores
On 11th day it crossed 200 mark from its Morning shows.
11th day- 5.08 crores
12th day- 4.21 crores
13th day- 3.91 crores
14th day- 3.80 crores
15th day- 1.97 crores
16th day- 2.94 crores
17th day- 3.92 crores
18th day- 1.69 crores
19th day- 1.35 crores
20th day- 1.10 crores
Grand total:- 228.08 crores
After surpassing 3Idiots, Kick now overtakes ChennaiExpress collections in India. Kick total till Wed:-228.08 cr nett. ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER!

7 Movies in 100 crore club

Salman Khan is the only actor of Bollywood who has 7 blockbusters,which enters in 100 crore club.

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